Categories of callers

Guidelines for responding to calls


We will deal with these types of calls directly:

1.      Caller is in confrontation with ICE: This is what RRN is designed for, we follow the guidelines in calling in the witnesses.

2.      Caller is harassed by other authorities, such as police, employers, landlords concerning immigration status. For example, a landlord threatening to turn the caller in to the ICE if the caller complains to health authorities about rats.  In these cases, the phone volunteer should take information and convey it to the RRN point person,  at 908-898-1048, so that the NJ May 1 Coalition can work out with the caller what response (picket line, phone calls, etc.) would be most useful.

We will deal with these types of calls by referring callers to other organizations:

3.      Caller has routine, not emergency, immigration issues--trying to get green card, extending visa, etc.  Here we will refer the caller to the NY Immigration Hotline, (212) 419-3737 or , for NY callers, (800) 566-7636,which can help them.

4.      Caller has trouble with authorities that has nothing to do with immigration status.  Here we will refer caller to the referral service hotlines, (see list of referral numbers) which will then refer the caller to a social service agency or non-profit that can be of assistance. For social service in New York City, this site is useful.

Additional referral number: For those who have been detained or are in trouble because they have been arrested or convicted and therefore fear deportation, or are wondering what to do about a summons or ticket, call Tim Block, a lawyer, (732) 572-9100. 

For immigration lawyers, refer caller to the National Immigration Justice Center, 312-660-1379. This is the number of Eleni Wolf, who can refer callers to non-profits around the country that provide free or low-cost immigration counsel

Other Rapid Response hotline numbers (older numbers are non-functional)

Santa Cruz 831-331-1119 and Bay Area, 415-368-8481.