Rapid Response Network


What are the purposes of this network?


1.Stop the Disappearances by responding immediately to detentions with legal and community support.

2.Document and record information about ICE intervention in immigrant communities.

3.Release information to the mainstream and alternative media to build broad community awareness and support.



The system works as follows:†††


When the ICE approaches an individual for an interview, he/she would call a published toll-free number, which will ring at a volunteer's phone. The individual will provide information about his/her circumstances and the volunteer receiving the call will document this information and pass it on to the community witnesses if necessary. The phone volunteer will also inform the caller of their rights. The community witnesses will go out to the individualís homes and provide support and information about the caller's rights. They will identify themselves as RRN witnesses. After the interview, the RRN volunteers will document the interview Q&A and keep it for the record.