Jobs for All Petition

The Peopleís Daily Protest Campaign, a broad coalition of NJ organizations and the Jobs for All Committee have launched a petition campaign for Jobs for All, which we hope will spread nationally.

Please circulate the Jobs for All petitions to those you know, at public places, campuses, workplaces, everywhere. Make links to our website to spread the word online. We need to swiftly build a powerful movement to win this demand. The petition is an organizing tool. We want to show everyone how many people support this demand, and at the same time organize ourselves to struggle for it in the streets and at the ballot box.

In circulating the petition, please remind people to include their zip code. We intend to use the petition list to notify people of Jobs for All meeting in their area, to build a real, on-the-ground network of organizers. The zip code is the only way we will know where someone lives and therefore which meeting to notify them of. Please ask if people are interested in helping with independent electoral campaigns behind this demand. We need to know if and when we have the support for such efforts.

You can sign the petition online, click here, but please circulate it as well on the ground! At meetings or events, ask people to read and sign the online petition on your smartphone, and sign it right there.

The petition is available in English and Spanish. If you want to translate it to another language, please send us a copy! You can also use the Fact Sheet, in English and Spanish to help explain the petition and why we demand Jobs for All.

Once you fill a sheet of signatures, please enter the data in the online form. We donít have paid staff to do this, so we need your help. This data will be used only to build the Jobs for All movement.