Wednesday October 5 @ 4:00 PM

Gather at Independence Park, across from Eastside High School

March to Essex County Court House (Springfield and West Market St in Newark)

to Demand:


National Jobs Program

Direct Government Employment

Jobs Open to ALL

Since August 11, a coalition of 30 community civil rights and labor groups, initiated by the People’s Organization for Progress, have had daily demonstrations in Newark, demanding a National Jobs Program, a massive public works and public service program to rebuild housing, education, health service, mass transit and to clean up the environment, paid for by taxing the rich and the corporations and by stopping all of America’s wars. Such jobs are to be open to all who live here, regardless of immigration status, past jailing, country of birth or any other distinction. Now occupations are breaking out all over the country, starting in Wall Street. College students in New York City have called a strike for October 5.

It’s time to join this growing movement!

New Jersey Immigrant and Workers Rights Coalition

For more info:, 504-520-9521