May Day Car Caravan: For A Workers Way Forward!

Make the Billionaires and Amazon Pay!

May 1, 2:00 PM, Elizabeth NJ: Meet in cars at corner of Evans and Dowd for caravan in front of Amazon Warehouse and Elizabeth Detention Center

Listen to online speakers by conference call 605-475-6333
      Participant Access Code:     950507

We Demand NOW:

Safe working conditions for all workers—NO WORK without PPE for ALL

Free all Detainees and parole all non-violent offenders NOW

Unlimited Sick Pay for ALL

Full maintenance of income for ALL

Cancel all rents, mortgages, utility payments

Amazon, like many other giant employers is refusing to pay unlimited sick leave, is not providing protection or safe working conditions to workers as Covid-19 spreads through its warehouses. At Elizabeth and hundreds of other detention centers, immigrant detainees, without charge or trial, are facing death sentences as the coronavirus rips through jails. Millions of workers face total loss of income and eviction, while trillions of dollars go to “make whole” the billionaires and the corporations they own.

The policies of the billionaires, the capitalists, the Wall Street wizards and their political parties, both Republicans and Democrats, have led to the coronavirus catastrophe. It is they who have slashed health services globally to the point that they are incapable of responding to the virus in time to prevent a pandemic. The consequences are falling on working people everywhere in sickness, layoffs, pay cuts, food shortages and deaths. All are under attack. Our lives are at stake. When all are under attack, all of us must unite to defend ourselves. It is up to the workers who face this crisis to lead the way out.

The workers way forward:

1.All who live here have equal rights. End all deportations, end all detentions, end all violations of due process rights, end all limits on the right to vote, to unionize, to organize and to strike. Freedom of movement for all. Without equal rights, we can’t unite to defend our lives.

2.All who live here have the right to quality free education, health care, transportation, housing and clean energy, to clean air, clean water and clean food. The government must provide democratically-controlled quality services for all, paid for by taxing the rich and corporations, slashing weapons spending and ending all US wars, occupations and military aid that force people to migrate. Lack of adequate health care, fossil-fuel-driven air pollution which has weakened everyone’s lungs, and overcrowded housing has led to this pandemic spreading out of control.

3.All who live here have the right to good jobs at good wages. Providing quality free education, health care, transportation, housing and clean energy will also provide good jobs for all. The desperation that leads people to risk their health to hang on to a job must end.

4. Socialization of finance. Federal ownership of all finance—banks, insurance, investment companies -- with democratic control. The Federal government has bought the financial companies twice over with bailouts—it must exercise its ownership, not give it away to billionaire shareholders.

Initial Endorsers: Jobs and Equal Rights for All Campaign, Organizing Committee for Popular Assembly, NJ Greens (list in formation) For info and endorsements: